PLO action at Full Tilt Poker - DrugsOrMe wins big

PLO action at Full Tilt Poker - DrugsOrMe wins big

Monday, 11 October 2010

DrugsOrMe, the unknown player at the nosebleed stakes, once again profited from some heavy PLO action over the weekend; once again the unknown cadillac1944 lost a clip. The most regular player in the $200/$400 PLO action over the weekend was Ilari "Ziigmund" Sahamies who, at $34,000 up, essentially broke even.

Plenty of players came, saw and were conquered in the game which saw some very deepstacked action and one of the largest pots of 2010 that Sahamies managed to stake his claim on with a nice value bet on the river.

He raised under the gun and DrugsOrMe 3-bet to $4,800 which caused Brian Hastings, cadillac1944 and Urindanger to get out of the way. A Kh-5c-6s flop greeted the players and they responded with a $10,200 bet from Ziigmund and a call from DrugsOrMe.

The turn bought the 4h and that's when it all kicked off - Ziigmund bet $18,800 and DrugsOrMe put in a pot-sized raise to over $75,000. He was called and on the 3h river Sahamies moved all-in for the last $190,000 effective into a $190,000 pot. DrugsOrMe called but then mucked when Sahamies turned over A-K-8-4 for the backdoor nut flush.

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