PKR Receive Birthday Present

PKR Receive Birthday Present

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Next-generation online poker site PKR have double cause for celebration this week. For one thing, Monday marked their third anniversary of operations – Bluff Europe wish PKR a happy birthday and continuing success.

Secondly, Sunday – by amazing coincidence – saw them sign up their 3,000,000th customer; a true milestone showing that the 3D site, where players have lifelike interactive avatars, is going from strength to strength.

Marketing Director Simon Prodger said, "We're very pleased with the year's achievements, and it's especially exciting to see us maintain such a high rate of growth. We also have a number of new developments in the pipeline that we hope will propel PKR to even greater heights over the next twelve months.”

When PKR launched in 2006 it made shockwaves in the online poker world. Whereas previously, online poker tables were static and bland, PKR bought them to life. Player points are earned to customise your avatar which acts like a real person at your command.

The Sims crossed with online poker – that’s PKR!

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