On $400.000 coin flips

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

In the past week there has been some great action going on across Full Tilt Poker’s nosebleed games. There have been big pots, big coolers and big names throwing their toys out of the pram at each other. It’s excellent.

The week started off with Ziigmund and Ivey deciding to do a near-$400,000 flip – i.e. shoving pre-flop with any two cards and seeing who wins. Sickos.

Ziigmund: lets take 1 flip
Phil Ivey: how much?
Ziigmund: what do u think
Ziigmund: ????
Phil Ivey: what u have in front of u?
Ziigmund: when i flip i really flip
Phil Ivey: hahaha
Ziigmund: ok all in
Phil Ivey: k this hand for what u have in front of u
Ziigmund: ok gl m8
Phil Ivey: thx u2
Ziigmund: 247Q
Phil Ivey: j10 6 4

PLO being PLO, they were actually flipping. Ivey was a marginal favourite but it was a 52/48 situation. Ziigmund flopped two pair and rivered a full house to take the pot down. Ivey said the Finn would have to buy the drinks next time they saw each other.

Gus Hansen and trex313 played an epic heads-up session that – somewhat anti-climactically – ended with them both finishing about even despite some huge swings during play.

Gus continued his good 2009 with his largest ever online pot, dragging a $540,000 one in PLO. Durrrr, Hansen and trex313 got it all-in preflop holding KK98, AA46 and T875 double suited respectively. Hansen’s AA amazingly held to scoop the 3-way pot.

Trex313 won’t be too bitter about losing that hand though, as he made a killing one day last week, winning nearly $700,000. Overall he made $682,000 compared to Phil Ivey’s (the second-highest earner that day) $150,000. Sweet.

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