Odonkor1 continues rush - $850k in 3 days!

Odonkor1 continues rush - $850k in 3 days!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Those bloody Europeans, coming to Full Tilt, stealing our blinds... iPoker high stakes legend Odonkor1 has continued his initial rush, running up profits of $850,000 in just three days. He’s no Isildur1, though – while he is apparently very good at heads-up NL he’s sticking to the somewhat reasonable stakes of $100/$200 for now.

Yesterday, jungleman12 – who famously lost $550,000, his entire bankroll, to Isildur1 last year – took on this second Swede. The two played a marathon $100/$200 session for over 3,000 hands which resulted in Odonkor1 winning around $100 per hand as he profited $305,000 from the matchup.

Their biggest pot was occurred with both players over 350BBs deep. Odonkor1 picked a bad spot to semi-bluff on an ace-high board in a 4-bet pot as jungleman12 called with AK. However, he was delivered from losing the $143,000 pot when the Ks filled his straight on the river.

Watch the action at Full Tilt Poker.

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