No More Flips for You, Young Mr Ivey

No More Flips for You, Young Mr Ivey

Friday, 30 October 2009

A while back, news circulated in forums across the Internet that Full Tilt Pros had been instructed to refrain from partaking in flips. However, it seemed to make very little difference as it still continued.

In fact, Phil Ivey and Ziigmund are big ones for a bit of flipping, as proved by them partaking in possibly the largest flip ever that topped $200,000. However, when Ziigmund asked Ivey for a bit of gamble last night, the great man had to decline.

Ziigmund: let sflip
Ziigmund: lets flip
Ziigmund: lets flip
Ziigmund: lets flip
Phil Ivey: full tilt won't allow me to do that
System: The $3,000 Guarantee ($24+$2 Hold'em) will be starting in 5 minutes.
Ziigmund: ????
Phil Ivey: long stry
Ziigmund: huh¨¨
Ziigmund: whatever
Phil Ivey: im serious

It seems that in the wake of Phil Ivey about to appear in the biggest televised poker event of all time, coupled with poker legislature and the reputation of Full Tilt Pros, Howard Lederer has had a word. How long will this last? Well, Ivey can always just go to the craps table to get his gamble fix.

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