Neil Channing comes 2nd in iPoker Monthly Million

Neil Channing comes 2nd in iPoker Monthly Million

Friday, 15 January 2010

Neil Channing isn’t particularly known for his online exploits – he rarely tears himself away from the big cash games at the Grosvenor Victoria casino long enough to log on to a laptop.

However, he has been making forays into the online poker world after the launch of his unique training site He has topped this off with a second-place finish in iPoker’s Monthly Million $1m guaranteed tournament, earning $104,000 for his trouble and showing his students how to play.

I had some great support,” said Channing. “There was a long thread on Black Belt Poker with people posting their good luck messages, and I was also being railed by friends such as Andy Ward, Paul Zimbler and Jeff Kimber, which helped spur me on.”

We were going to ask whether this meant he would play online more in future, but a seat had just opened up at the £25/£50 game at the Vic so he shot off, leaving a Channing-shaped hole in the wall.

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