Nearly $250,000 first prize in Sunday Million

Nearly $250,000 first prize in Sunday Million

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Despite the fact that the majority of the American populous were watching the Indianapolis Colts lose to the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl, PokerStars still managed to get a beefy $1,806,200 prize pool in the Sunday Million.

The final table was set with fairly deep stacks less than ten hours in, at the 150,000/300,000/30,000 level.

A deal was not made to split the prize pool until palduro got heads-up against golferen50. Leaving $30,000 aside to the winner, they each decided to take about $200,000.

Just seconds after the deal was struck, it was over – golferen50 3-bet all-in pre-flop with A8o, only to run into palduro’s AJ. The AJ5 flop sealed it and a rivered Jc made the winner a full house.

The full final table placings and payouts are as follows:
1st place: palurdo ($248,791.40)
2nd place: golferen50 ($198,789.82)
3rd place: jeanphidh74 ($134,471.59)
4th place: GulahPapyrus ($90,310.00)
5th place: H@££INGGOL ($72,248.00)
6th place: blony_tair ($54,186.00)
7th place: Phatigue ($36,124.00)
8th place: MiguelPiper ($19,868.20)
9th place: pimenta7 ($12,643.40)

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