Mystery-Man Martonas Takes $1.8m on Full Tilt

Mystery-Man Martonas Takes $1.8m on Full Tilt

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The first we heard of Martonas, a new player on the games as high as $500/$1,000 at Full Tilt Poker, he was dropping six figures faster than you could say “kick in the wallet.” However, the enigma returned to the tables and soon found himself sitting with $1.8m spread across several NLHE tables.

Despite this, he still left with “only” $234k profit. However, his overly-aggressive style (as if you get non-aggressive players at $500/$1k) was entertaining for the railbirds, as evidenced by his being heads-up with durrrr on the button in a 3-bet pot and hitting a runner-runner straight with 5s-2s to take it down.

Soon, of course, the Two Plus Two forums were abuzz. Who is Martonas? Despite several outlandish theories being lauded by people who for some reason believe themselves to be an authority on all things poker, there were some sensible suggestions too.

Of course, some opined that it was Barack Obama.

However, general consensus is that the name “Martonas” comes from the fact that Swedish player Martin de Knjiff is staking Ladbrokes high-stakes dominator Jonas Danielsson – [Mart]in and J[onas].

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