Meet & Beat Bet24 – Tonight at 18:00 BST

Meet & Beat Bet24 – Tonight at 18:00 BST

Thursday, 3 September 2009

On the first Thursday of each month Bet24 hold the Meet & Beat Bet24 Freeroll bounty tournament. Today is no different.

$2000 has been added to the prize pool where $500 goes to the pot and $1500 to bounties. All you have to do to receive a bounty is to knock out one of the Bet24 staff from the tournament.

The Meet & Beat Bet24 is free to play so why not take a shot and win some free money?! Register for the tournament NOW!

Knockout any of the following players and win their respective bounties:

B24 POK MGR Chris Poker Manager $100

B24 POK AST Emma Poker Assistant / VIP Host $100

B24 POK AST2 Staffan Poker Assistant $100
B24 ODDS FI Juha Odds Compiler $95
B24 CRM PCO Aeron CRM PCO $95
B24 ODDS DK4 Martin Odds Compiler $95
B24 ODDS DK6 Soren Odds Compiler $95
B24 ODDS MGR Morten Odds Manager $95
B24 CRM3 Kristian CRM Assistant $95
B24 CS CRM4 Agnes CRM Assistant $90
B24 CRM2 Lidia CRM Assistant $90
B24 ODDS SE Joakim Odds Compiler $90
B24 CS FI Jukka Customer supporter $90
B24 CS DK4 Kim Customer Supporter $90
B24 CFO Markus CFO $90
B24 ODDS GR George Odds Compiler $90

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