Martonas Rejoins High Stakes Games at Full Tilt

Martonas Rejoins High Stakes Games at Full Tilt

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

To the joy of many of Full Tilt Poker’s high-stakes regulars, the enigmatic Martonas rejoined the $500/$1,000 and $300/$600 games at Full Tilt yesterday. He began with a $300/$600 session against Cole “CTS” South for about 1,000 hands; winning approximately $230,000.

He had a short break then jumped back into the action, playing a few tables heads-up against Urindanger and won almost $300,000 for a net profit that day of over half a million dollars.

Of course, then Leggopoker instructor aejones had something to say – he took Di Dang’s seat and in less than an hour won over $400,000 from the ever-swingy Martonas. This prompted him to step up to $500/$1,000.

He began well, winning over a quarter of a million dollars from kingsofcards, who then turned things around and took back that plus another $180,000. Tom “durrrr” Dwan then stepped in to finish the job and take $70,000 – this left Martonas with a $154,000 hole to fill. Oops.

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