Mark Seif goes deep in UBOC 5 heads-up event

Mark Seif goes deep in UBOC 5 heads-up event

Monday, 23 August 2010

The Ultimate Bet tournament series currently running on the CEREUS network is in no danger of falling short of its $4,000,000 guarantee. Last night the $1,050 heads-up event surpassed the guarantee by $19,000 meaning a first prize of $40,000.

Poker pro Mark Seif came so close yet so far to the top spot when he faced equally tough professional opponent Mark Kroon in the round of eight. Eventually, after 124 hands, Kroon’s AK held up against A9 to send Seif out in seventh place for $5,145.

In the final match, THEBRIMMER took on Joe “ENDER555” Ebanks. The final hand was a raised pot on a 5c-3c-Kd flop that saw ENDER555 check-call a pot-sized bet. Both players checked through the 6c turn to the Qd river where the rest of the money went in after a check-raise from Ebanks, who showed Ac-7s for a busted flush draw. THEBRIMMER’s KJo was good enough to win the pot and the tournament.

The full results are as follows:
1. THEBRIMMER - $39,690?
2. Joe “ENDER555” Ebanks - $22,050
3. SZEXIBIRS - $11,760
4. MarK “Poker Ho” Kroon - $11,760
5. Joshua “BBBBB33” Weizer - $5,145?
6. Joe “CHADBATISTA_” Urgo - $5,145?
7. MARK SEIF - $5,145
8. DRIZZLE222 - $5,145

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