Marcello Marigliano gets on the luck express, wins $240,000

Marcello Marigliano gets on the luck express, wins $240,000

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Where have you heard the name Marcello Marigliano? Good question – he was one of three competitors in the live Durrrr Challenge earlier in the year and the only one to beat Tom Dwan out of $500,000 in Pot-Limit Omaha.

Evidently this is his game of choice – playing as “luckexpress10” on Full Tilt Poker, Marigliano won almost a quarter of a million dollars last night playing heads-up $300/$600 and $200/$400 PLO against harrington25 and DrugsOrMe.

Against the former he certainly got an express amount of luck to win $153,000 in a short period before taking on DrugsOrMe and supplementing his winnings with an extra $89,000. The account “luckexpress10” is still in the red for 2010 but like Gus Hansen, Marigliano will be hoping that an eleventh-hour push can give him a black year.

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