MTT news: The acronyms dry up, but the action doesn't.

MTT news: The acronyms dry up, but the action doesn't.

Friday, 19 December 2008

No WCoOP, no ECoOP, no FTOPS – in fact, no acronyms of any kind this week, just the usual big guarantees. We already reported that Annette Obrestad took down Ultimate Bet’s $100,000 guarantee. Hopefully the new earners will be reassured by the fact that good (and/or rich) players are beginning to trust them again. They’ve got a new series of weekend guarantees totalling nearly $500k – who wants to take bets on how many online pros will win them in the coming months?

Well, this lot could well have the name “online pro” affixed to their usernames soon after taking down this weekend’s major tournaments. Firstly congratulations to delfunky who reigned supreme in the Full Tilt Poker $750k Guaranteed for $132,800; secondly the same commiserations to mmmbillsky who won $101k in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up.

The big victor in the daddy tournament, the Sunday Million, was curiously-punctuated opis/sp who won $152,006.84 after a three-way deal with second-place finisher CHI01 and third-place jdballer40.

Heads-up was a mere two hands long. In the second the two saw a flop in a raised flop of Jh-Kd-6s. CHI01 pushed in with 5-3 for a total bluff after opis/sp’s check but the eventual winner made a good call with QJcc for middle pair to win the tournament after fading runner-runner on the turn and river. The final table payouts were as follows:

1st place: opis/sp ($152,006.84)*
2nd place: CHI01 ($122,006.84)*
3rd place: jdballer40 ($122,006.84)*
4th place: drpossjr25 ($69,450.80)
5th place: Eeedz ($54,352.80)
6th place: TommyE79 ($39,254.80)
7th place: 5fish ($26,421.50)
8th place: Mighty Horse ($17,362.70)
9th place: AvelonSalheb ($10,568.60)

*Amounts reflect three-handed chop

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