MTT Review: doulas12 wins the Sunday Million, and more

MTT Review: doulas12 wins the Sunday Million, and more

Monday, 20 October 2008

As far as online MTTs go, the PokerStars Sunday Million (or Sunday One-Point-Five-Million as it should now be known) is still the daddy. Falling slightly short of the players needed to make up the guarantee, 7,446 players went at it for a slice of the $1.5m prize pool and a first-place prize of $185,000.

The first casualty of the final table was xannax20, who was crushed after getting it all in pre-flop with K4o and being called by Big Slick. The action got fast and furious as the blinds and antes rose sharply, meaning a $1m pre-flop pot before any action had occurred.

The bad beat of the day award goes to seventh-place finisher Slumpee, who got it all in good with AA vs AQss only to see the board throw out some terrible spades, sending him to the rail with $26,250. After two more eliminations (AT beating Q4 all-in pre-flop and 88 winning the coinflip against AJo) the clock was paused to discuss a deal.

The deal was set, and the action was once again underway. Crackpfeife raised to 2.1 million from the cutoff, joncheng re-raised to 6.4 million from the small blind, Crackpfeife pushed all-in for 18.1 million and joncheng called. Another coinflip as joncheng’s 33 squared off against AJ, but the board cruelly paired Queens and sixes – the Ace played and joncheng received $106,024 after the deal.

The next elimination saw Anetas1 call a 3-bet shove with 88 and found himself marginally ahead against the AQcc of doulas12. The board was ragged on the flop, but running clubs on the turn and river gave doulas12 the nuts and the multi-million pot. Anetas1 was chip leader when the deal was struck, and earned $124,824 for his efforts. The very next hand, doulas12 won – all-in before the flop with A6 against a dominating AT, he caught a 6 on the flop to take down the tournament, winning just shy of $200,000.

Other major scores across the web were equally exciting – Leandro Brasa received $184k for his first-place finish in Full Tilt’s $1,000,000 Guaranteed and Djelly took down the Sunday Warm-Up for $101,250. Annette Obrestad stayed true to form, getting $37,700 in the Sunday $500 for a 4th-place finish.

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