MTT Review: FTOPS Series the highlight of the week

MTT Review: FTOPS Series the highlight of the week

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

For once, the PokerStars Sunday Million wasn’t the major tournament of the week.

You’ve got to feel sorry for METZMAGNY, who took it down for a total of $147k after a four-way deal which included these tough negotiations:

jiacstrap: i want 200k
METZMAGNY: i want 150 K
METZMAGNY: and a twix

While we all adore and envy our Sunday Million champion, the eyes of the poker world were on Full Tilt as FTOPS X got underway earlier this week. Notoriously loudmouthed pro Mike Matusow started off the series with a $1,000,000 Guaranteed No-Limit Hold 'em 6-max event which eclipsed the hefty guarantee by nearly $25,000. This was won by davin77 who took down the first-place prize of nearly $200,000.

Sigi Stockinger hosted the second event, a Pot-Limit Omaha Knockout with a $256 buy-in and a $200,000 guarantee. Full Tilt pro Chip Jett cashed, making it two for two in FTOPS X after his cash in Event #1. The $51k first prize was won by TeamShizz.

CardRunners co-founder Andrew Wiggins hosted Event #3 which was a $535 No-Limit Hold 'em Triple Shootout. The lucky winner was mrvogt who found himself $76k richer after the event.

Aaron Bartley matched Chip Jett’s two cashes in Event #3 but eclipsed Jett with an impressive third-place finish in the $600,000 Guaranteed No Limit Hold 'em event with One Rebuy and One Add-on. He won $64,500 for this deep run in the event won by GrampaJeff for $138,000. On the same day Limit Hold ‘em expert Matt Hawrilenko hosted a $216 Limit Hold ‘em 6-max event taken down by tommy2tyme who won nearly $40,000.

On Saturday Brian ‘Stinger’ Hastings narrowly missed Scott Fischman’s PLO final table – the event was won by Broberts85 who received $75,250.

Last night bigdogpckt5s won his share of a $1.6m prize pool in the $322 super-stacked No-Limit Hold ‘em event, taking home $277k; whatariver1 received first place in the 6-max knockout event. Tonight, Roland de Wolfe hosts mixed Limit/No Limit Hold ‘em with a $300 buy-in.

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