MTT Review: Darkillermax Wins Sunday Million

MTT Review: Darkillermax Wins Sunday Million

Monday, 27 October 2008

Another weekly round-up from the big MTTs this week, culminating in Darkillermax winning the PokerStars Sunday Million.

Once again the Godfather of Sunday tournaments, the PokerStars Sunday Million, fell a few players short meaning the site had to stump up some money to meet the $1,500,000 guarantee. However, this still delivered a not-unimpressive $184,500 for first place which was taken by Darkillermax in an exciting final table. He knocked out unfortunate final table bubble-boy cdbr3799 by winning the race with JJ against AK and attained a huge chip lead of 31,025,322; nearly three times that of second-place stack salvo58 on 11m.

After a series of eliminations they were down to four players to discuss a deal but couldn’t broker an agreement. So far the casualties of the final table were BackDoorovic (9th, $10,500), who made a brave push for 2.3m with Q3o only to see AK; Cashadvance7 (8th, $17,250) who pushed Ah3h and was called by Numb Nutzzzz with pocket fours and a flopped set; Sms9231 cracked Kings with A9 and then beat A4o with the cowboys to send kodi100 (7th, $26,250) and moabut (6th, $39,000) to the rail. The last person to miss out on the negotiations was Lounatic0815 (5th, $54,000) who shoved 13BBs with A5o and, despite turning two pair, couldn’t beat the TT of Salvo58 on a 8c-5c-Ts-As-Qh board.

You can’t win a major tournament without a little bit of luck, and Darkillermax got his fortune when he found himself all-in before the flop with a pair of fives; crushed by the TT of Numb Nutzzzz. Unfortunately for the latter, the eventual winner rivered a 5 and a full house, sending Numb Nutzzzz home in fourth with $69,000.

Once again the clock was paused; once again no deal could be brokered. Immediately after, small blind Sms9231 shoved with JTo and was called by Darkillermax with KQo. The board ran out King-high and the third-place finisher got $84,000 for his troubles.

Heads-up, two players finally brokered a deal – Darkillermax was to receive $144,656 and $134,793 would go to salvo58. A few hands later it was done – Darkillermax tabled QQ vs the 88 of salvo58 and the board couldn’t help the 3-1 underdog. Darkillermax takes $30,000 on top of what he received in the deal.

In other tournaments, Ryan ‘gutshtallin’ Welch won $99,000 for his victory in the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up. Tarheelkid managed a victory in Full Tilt Poker’s $750,000 guaranteed for $132,788 and the Sunday Brawl and Sunday Mulligan were won by breeth and jcada99. They won over $130,000 between them.

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