MTT Review: Buller00 wins Sunday Warm-Up with best ever kiss-off line.

MTT Review: Buller00 wins Sunday Warm-Up with best ever kiss-off line.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

The Sunday Warm-Up (it’s nice not to talk about the ‘Million for a change) absolutely obliterated its guarantee as 4,103 players stumped up $215 each to compete for an overall prize pool of $829,600. Obviously keen to make sure their pros went deep in the event, PokerStars threw the infamous doomswitch on an unfortunate player named flushdann544.

The aforementioned player got into a pot with Team PokerStars Pro André Akkari in the first orbit of the Sunday Warm-Up. In a limped pot both players got it all-in on a As-8s-2s flop. Akkari held 9s-3s; a big blind special resulting in a flopped flush. However it was cooler city for the pro as flushdann544 showed Qs-7s. Which he had limped under the gun, meaning he deserved what happened next:

A 99.899% favourite on the flop, he could only watch as the turn and river brought the 5 and 4 of spades, giving Akkari a steel wheel straight flush and sending flushdann544 out of the tournament. Ouch.

Drago0906 was the first casualty of the final table after losing a pot to shortstack Warty31 which made him the shortstack instead. He got it in with 33 but IW1LLH1TN0T’s KTo paired the ten and sent Drago0906 to the rail $6.6k richer.

Warty31 tried to make a run of it but unfortunately his QQ was outdrawn by the T7o of frtk. The latter made two pair to send Warty31 out in 8th place for just over $10,000.

SrixXxon was then eliminated in 7th by chipleader leutch1, winning $16,412 after losing a coinflip. Frtk went for a steal with J8s just after the break had ended but unfortunately IW1LLH1TN0T woke up in the BB with AA to eliminate frtk who won $24,618 for his finish.

Some harsh chip count swings culminated in the two biggest stacks getting involved in a monster pot. Chip leader LOGIST_14 became the shortstack after losing out to second-placed leutch1, moving in with KJ shortly after and won $32k for his 5th place finish.

In the most exciting hand of the final table, chip leader leutch1 knocked out IW1LLH1TN0T and rbeckwith in one hand. The latter, a shortstack, moved in and got calls from the other two players. IW1LLH1TN0T got it in with leutch1 on a Jh-8s-Qh flop with A-Q and Ah-Ts respectively. Unfortunately for rbeckwith his 77 was drawing slim and running hearts saw leutch1 take a 6-1 chip lead going heads up. Fourth place for rbeckwith earned him $41k and third for IW1LLH1TN0T $49k.

That left leutch1 with a little more than 35 million chips to Buller00's 5.9 million. Buller00 offered an even chop, which for some reason luetch1 didn't feel was quite in order with his chip stack. Buller00 said simply “then you go down.”

He made very good on his promise. After only a few hands Buller00 stormed into the chip lead, and less than half an hour later all the chips went in for the last time.

Former chipleader leutch1 raised from the button and Buller00 called. The flop was a rainbowed 6-4-6 and Buller00 check-raised leutch1’s bet, which he called. Buller00 then moved in on the 5 turn, which put two spades on the board. Leutch1 made a gutsy call with Ace high only to see he was drawing dead to Buller00’s 6d-3d for flopped trips.

Leutch1 earned $73,000 for his efforts but for the most amazing comeback in recent memory Buller00 received $105,000. In his own words: “I put on a clinic, didn’t I?” Class.

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