MTT Review: 2Tired4u wins Titan ECOOP $300k Guaranteed

MTT Review: 2Tired4u wins Titan ECOOP $300k Guaranteed

Monday, 8 December 2008

Sunday Million, Shunday Shmillion – turn your eyes to iPoker and the Titan tournament schedule where this incarnation of the European Championship of Online Poker has already crowned 13 winners and awarded over $2.5m to the winning players. Most events saw guarantees obliterated as the number of entrants exceeded expectations substantially.

The $2.5m guaranteed, high-stakes buy-in game begins tonight to round off Titan’s flagship tournament series which, over the past two days, awarded $200,000 to the two sets of nine final tablers in the previous tournaments.
In the $300,000 guaranteed No-Limit Hold ‘em over 1,500 players paid up to take a shot at the big time but only 2Tired4u made it, scoring $60,000.
IveGoneNutz came a commendable second place for $31,200. Next was the $150,000 guaranteed Pot-Limit Omaha (which overall generated a prize pool of $158,400 as 396 players signed up. In the end MrGERIN1 beat the field to claim a $41,184 prize.

Alright, now we can talk about the Sunday Million. A total of 7,577 players stumped up the $216 or satellited in to the $1.5m guaranteed tournament, generating a prize pool of $1,515,400. Alongside the masses were several well-known Team PokerStars Pros, including Dario Minieri, Isabelle Mercier, John Duthie, and Marcin Horecki. Greenstein became the best of the best, finishing 351st for $909.24.

After an hour-long final table bubble and a furious flurry of all-ins to get down to five players, the remaining agreed on a deal to split up the prize money:

ggiillaadd: $114,355
drritalin: $106,021
mrvogt: $96,458
Aftret: $92,881
Winn8D: $78,701

Winn8D was the next to exit after TT outdrew his JJ by making a full house. His eliminator, Aftret, ran good as the table bully – he then had the KTo of mrvogt crushed all-in pre-flop with his KK. Eventually drritalin crippled the aggressor and he was then finished off by ggiillaadd, meaning that the two unpronounceable names were to play heads-up.

The winning hand was a cautious one as the two players saw a hand all the way through to the river. The board showed 4c-6h-6s-3d-5s. When drritalin made the last bet, ggiillaadd called all-in with 8s-4s for two pair, but drritalin showed 6c-5d for the full house and the win, totalling a score of $136,021.

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