Jungleman12 vs. Durrrr to begin in “a few days”

Jungleman12 vs. Durrrr to begin in “a few days”

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Despite the fact that Tom “durrrr” Dwan has yet to finish off his 50,000 hand conquest of Patrik Antonius, he has arranged to start his next heads-up marathon with Daniel “jungleman12” Cates soon, prompting more rumours that Antonius has bought out of the challenge.

Dwan and Antonius have played roughly 39,000 of the required 50,000 hands and Antonius is a $2.1m loser after intense four-tabling sessions of $200/$400 PLO. Dwan would have won $2.6m had Antonius bought out now – if Antonius can get back to just a dollar ahead durrrr loses $1.5m.

Dwan and Jungleman12 were chatting on Full Tilt and it seems the challenge is officially accepted and arranged with Phil Ivey holding the money in escrow:

durrrr: did u send ivey $$ yet??
jungleman12: not yet
?jungleman12: ill send now
?jungleman12: how soon is soon??
durrrr: read ur phone...
?jungleman12: ah i see
?durrrr: few days at most?
durrrr: did u send yet?
?jungleman12: yeah
?jungleman12: sent?
durrrr: then i can start talking &&%%?
durrrr: since we're booked
?jungleman12: ??
durrrr: and say that its cute u think u'll ever have an edge =)
?jungleman12: lol
?jungleman12: you never seemed like the type?
durrrr: never wanna scare off the fish =)?
durrrr: but if they escrow....?
durrrr: haha ok?
durrrr: lmk if u wanna play if not we'll start in a few days
?durrrr: gl n stuff
?jungleman12: u2w

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