Jungleman12 to take up the durrrr challenge?

Jungleman12 to take up the durrrr challenge?

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It certainly seems that the heads-up Durrrr Challenge match between Patrik Antonius and Tom “durrrr” Dwan is dead in the water. Dwan has a huge lead with less than a quarter of the lands left to play and it would not be surprising if Antonius has simply bought out of the bet.

However, good news for the railbirds! Heads-up nosebleed specialist jungleman12 will be playing the Durrrr Challenge, “prob. ... maybe”.

durrrr: ok gg
jungleman12: gg
durrrr: y dont u take challenge
durrrr: since u never lose to me
jungleman12: i will prob
jungleman12: maybe

The young US pro jungleman12 then enquired if the rumours that Brian Townsend was the next challenger were true. Durrrr didn’t give a conclusive answer but he did say “i can do 2 at once” and jungleman12 was instructed to send $500,000 to Phil Ivey as an escrow for the wager.

Fortunately for impatient fans who are sick of durrrr and Antonius taking forever, there is good news. Dwan said he wants to play at least two more challenges before the WSOPE which means lots of heads-up action. Of course players like Townsend and jungleman12 could easily play 50,000 hands against durrrr in a week or less.

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