Jungleman12 is May’s biggest high stakes winner

Jungleman12 is May’s biggest high stakes winner

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The high stakes games haven’t exactly been booming this month but that’s largely because Isildur1 has been conspicuous by his absence and many of the regulars have taken to playing the capped games where only 40BBs can be bet per hand.

We don’t exactly have another Isildur1 situation on our hands but no one knows who jungleman12 is. Most people suspect him to be Adam Junglen (y’know, ‘cos Junglen/jungleman, geddit??) but we can confirm that this is not the case. Either way, he isn’t afraid to step up to the plate with the likes of durrrr and seems equally adept at NL and PLO.

Speaking of Tom Dwan, he’s May’s biggest loser with $1.6m in the hole. The majority of that went to jungleman12. Patrik Antonius will be pleased that he is up, over $350,000 for the month so far.

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