Jungleman12 extends lead over durrrr to almost $700,000

Jungleman12 extends lead over durrrr to almost $700,000

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

As we predicted, this round of the Durrrr Challenge is progressing far faster than the anti-climax against Patrik Antonius. Bluff Europe writer Matt Perry returned, stinking and muddy, from Reading Festival only to be shocked that 6,820 hands had been played already.

The two took to the tables yesterday for a relatively hefty session of four tabling $200/$400 NL that saw Daniel “jungleman12” Cates extend his lead by almost $180,000 to give him a total of $692,000 profit after a little less than 7,000 hands.

The two have been making extensive use of Full Tilt Poker's ‘run it twice’ option with one of the largest pots being chopped for almost $50,000 each. The largest, however, was all Cates’s: on a 5-5-4-A-Q board Dwan fired out a five-figure river bet with 8d-3d for a busted flush draw only for jungleman12 to call him down with A-T and collect a $122,000 pot.

Thus far jungleman12 has been playing slightly looser than durrrr with a 69% VPIP (voluntarily put [money] in pot) compared to Dwan’s 65%. Thus far Cates’s win rate is over 25BB/100 but having seen the swings suffered by durrrr and Antonius that means little.

Join us again for updates on this exciting match.

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