Jungelman12 extends lead in Durrrr Challenge

Jungelman12 extends lead in Durrrr Challenge

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It's been all quiet on the Durrrr Challenge front lately, well for a couple of months anyway. Tom Dwan and Daniel Cates finally got down to business again earlier this week squaring off for a short session of $200/$400 No Limit Hold'em.

After 348 hands Jungleman12 extended his lead by a further $122,000 taking his overall advantage up to $941k. The biggest pot of the night saw Durrrr open for $1,200, Cates three-bet to $4k and Durrrr call. Jungleman12 checked the 9h8d6d flop with Dwan putting in a bet of $4,800. Cates re-raised to $10,800 before Durrrr shoved leaving Cates to make the $36,400 call. Durrrr was just in the lead with pocket sevens but needed to dodge overcards and diamonds as Cates revealed KdJd.

The pair ran the turn and river twice but Durrrr's luck was out on both occasions. In the first instance an 8 on the turn and 9 on the river paired the board to counterfeit Dwan's sevens meaning Cates's ace played. At the second time of asking Jungleman12 spiked a king on the river giving him all of the $80,799 pot.

With just over a third of the challenge now complete Jungleman12 shows a profit of $941,263.50. If Cates holds on to his lead after 50,000 hands then he will earn $1.5m from Dwan. If Durrrr is in front after the 50,000th hand then he'll pocket $500,000 from Jungleman12.

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