Jovdark6 Wins Sunday Million in Epic Comeback.

Jovdark6 Wins Sunday Million in Epic Comeback.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Last night – and into the early hours of this morning – the PokerStars Sunday Million trundled on, with 7,307 players battling it out in the $200 tournament that carries with it online prestige and a shedload of cash.

The final table began with eight players as, during hand-for-hand play, both Jolabukk and stiverson530 finished 9th and 10th respectively in simultaneous bust-outs across both remaining short-handed tables.

The players actually at the final table wasted no time either, with the tally down to seven before Vanessa Rousso had properly welcomed them to the table! Shortstack Bethrea shoved AK only for chip leader Licha_Lopez to call with 22 for a classic coinflip. A flopped set shot that particular coin out of the air as we went down to 7.

Licha_Lopez, jovdark6 and Lileor99 found themselves with the majority of the chips, so when Lileor99’s 99 held against Lopez’s ATo he found himself catapulted to a gigantic chip lead over the field.

He then busted players with aplomb before coming heads-up against jovdark6, who held a large chip deficit. One huge hand turned that around, though – the two got it in on an A45 flop with Lileor99 holding a jack-high flush draw and jovdark6 93dd for the straight and flush draw. Neither draw made it but a rivered 9 was enough to swap the chip lead around.

However, Lileor99 would not be beaten and used all his cunning and luck to draw level again. With the stacks virtually even, the players took a moment to discuss a deal, with almost $400,000 for the top two spots. With almost no hesitation, the players agreed to split the remaining money evenly and leave $30,000 for the winner, which would mean a $180,000 payday for each player.

Eventually the two got it in, jovdark6’s AT dominating Lileor99’s JT. The KKQ flop gave both straight draws but jovdark faded a 9 or A to take the pot, the title and $210,000.

Qualify for the Sunday Million for as little as $3 and take your shot at a big pay day at PokerStars.

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