Jon “pearljammer” Turner sees girlfriend’s account hacked at Full Tilt

Jon “pearljammer” Turner sees girlfriend’s account hacked at Full Tilt

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Full Tilt Poker has the best software and games going, rivalled only by PokerStars. However, one aspect of Full Tilt that players sometimes grumble about is the slow support staff.

Full Tilt Red Pro Jon “pearljammer” Turner experienced this firsthand recently – his girlfriend, xtracey (herself an MTT pro) had her account hacked and the perpetrator proceeded to intentionally lose all the money by moving all-in every hand at the $25/$50 tables.

“I’m pissed,” Turner said on the PocketFives forums where he is a regular member. “I'm a red pro and have no way of getting in touch with anyone at support while I watch all 30k (of my money for the record since I back her) that I have on her account pissed away.”

The following is an extract from the chat at a table while the hacker was dumping the money:

Jon Turner (Observer): PLEASE HELP
Jon Turner (Observer): FULT TILT PLEASE HELP
XTraCey: good job jon turner
Jon Turner (Observer): I NEED SUPPORT NOW
Jon Turner (Observer): XTRACEY'S ACCT HACKED OBV
Jon Turner (Observer): PLEASE HELP!
XTraCey: this is all your fault
Jon Turner (Observer): what u mean it's my fault?
XTraCey: i was up 10k
XTraCey: losing it all for u
XTraCey: bud
XTraCey: ur gonna lose this girl 30k
jacmans36 (Observer): jon i think you got it right
XTraCey: u shold say sorry
Jon Turner (Observer): first change password back
Jon Turner (Observer): obv lol
Jon Turner (Observer): this is fking retarded
XTraCey: ya your a retard
XTraCey: and john turner is the man
TurTurow77 (Observer): tilt
XTraCey: john turner is the man
oldsock (Observer): e-mail ftp
XTraCey: its all gone
XTraCey: don worry about it

The motives of the hacker are unclear – they even lost XTraCey all of her FTPs by registering in multiple 2,500FTP satellites.

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