Ivey wins $900,000 from Isildur1 at Hold ‘em

Ivey wins $900,000 from Isildur1 at Hold ‘em

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Isildur1 continued his manic tear across the highest stakes on Full Tilt Poker last night, with durrrr; Cole South and Phil Ivey all challenging the Swedish superstar. Although Ivey triumphed, winning $900,000 in just 1,000 hands, South and Dwan fared less well.

Dwan found himself exacting revenge against the Swede who won over $3m from him last week, up over $1,500,000 midway through their match. At the same time, Cole South had $1m of Isildur1’s money too.

However, he turned it around to finish $550k up from South and $150k from durrrr, meaning that even taking Ivey’s win into account, he actually won $13,000 yesterday all told.

Ivey and Isildur1 played Hold ‘em, the mystery Swede’s game of choice. If Ivey feels he has an edge – and let’s face it, of course he does – then we should see many more exciting match-ups between these two in future.

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