Ivey crushes Kagome Kagome for almost $500k

Ivey crushes Kagome Kagome for almost $500k

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Phil Ivey took the high stakes tables on Full Tilt earlier this week and did what Phil Ivey does best. Namely crush his opposition and book a bumper profit.

The opponent in question this time was Kagome Kagome (formerly IHateJuice or IhateGameSelection as his crueller critics dubbed him after some hefty losses to Patrik Antonius). The German pro is one of the best limit players around but was crushed by Ivey at the $3,000/$6,000 tables, dropping the best part of $500k.

Kagome Kagome is now down $800k since being forced to change his controversial screen name. Ivey on the other hand is now up $300k for 2011.

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