Ivey Dominates 7-Game at Full Tilt for $1.1m

Ivey Dominates 7-Game at Full Tilt for $1.1m

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Master of all trades, jack of none – that’s Phil Ivey, positively delighted when the high-stakes regulars at PLO moved their skills (or lack thereof) to H.O.R.S.E. and the 7-game format.

Ivey absolutely cleaned up, winning over a million dollars in short order; most of it from… no, wait – he just rolled over everyone. The action on the 7-game tables started with Gus Hansen and Cole “CTS” South, but soon after a big swing by Gus in which he wound up breaking even after a huge deficit, more players joined, including Ivey.

The biggest pot in the 7-game action obviously occurred during No-Limit Hold ‘em. Playing three-handed with Phil Galfond and Ziigmund, Ivey raised and saw Ilari squeezed after Galfond’s call. All three players put in $12,000 to see an all-diamond flop of 257. Ziigmund instantly shoved for $90,000 into a $36,000 pot (misclick or higher-level thinking, we’ll never know) and Ivey overshoved. Other Phil called off his $120,000 with 77 for top set. Ziigmund had 99 for an overpair and flush draw but Ivey had Ad-Jd for the flopped nuts. No pairs on the board meant he scooped a $370,000 pot.

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