Ivey Continues Rampaging Return With $1m Profit

Ivey Continues Rampaging Return With $1m Profit

Monday, 3 August 2009

Recently, we reported that Phil Ivey had made a return to the nosebleed tables - both $500/$1,000 and $300/$600/$100a tables on Full Tilt Poker with, as is often the case when one talks about Phil Ivey, exceptional results.

Phil has continued his storming year - soon after two bracelets and a Main Event final table, he has come within a fraction of surpassing the $1,000,000 net profit milestone at the high-stakes games. In one week.

One hand at $300/$600 PLO against Richard Ashby, who is up over $1m in the past week at PLO, and Di "Urindanger" Dang saw Ivey involved in a blind vs blind confrontation with the Dang brother.

Ivey made it $2,100 from the small blind and Dang 3-bet to $6,600. Ivey called to see a 7s-4c-8s flop. Ivey bet $11,400 into the $12,300 pot and Dang raised to $31,200. Ivey made it over $100,000 total and with Dang having "only" $163,000 left the money obviously went in.

Ivey held the nuts with a massive redraw holding Td-9h-6d-5h. Dang had his outs however, as AAK6 double-suited gave him the nut flush draw. Fortunately Ivey faded a spade and made a higher straight with the rivered Jc to earn him a pot worth $250,000.

Ivey is up a total of $928,000 in the past week. Watch Ivey, or play against him if you dare, at Full Tilt Poker.

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