It’s not the size, it’s… oh, fine, it’s the size.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

PKR are terribly pleased with themselves after increasing the guarantee of their Sunday Classic tournament, making it a cool $50,000. This guarantees a five-figure sum for the winner every week, not bad value for $65.

PKR’s Cardroom Manager Neil Wright said, “We’re delighted to be able to increase a big money tournament guarantee by such a large amount. Not only does the re-structure offer players the chance to participate for a big prize, but with a manageable field size it strikes the perfect balance between playability and reward.”
Back to PokerStars, as per, the $1m Turbo Takedown played out what with February’s freakishly short length meaning last week was the last Sunday of the month. Annanoplay took down the event after a deal was cut at the final table, leaving $20,000 to the winner:
Annanoplay $50,457.26 (+$20,000 for the win)
BullsdogsBrad $46,739.68
Mao2007 $45,539.21
ImCheckin $39,896.22
Feydrauter $39,867.63
Pass_72 $35,000.00
Feydrauter put it perfectly: "that's a lot of cash for a 15FPP buy in."
Elsewhere at PokerStars last Sunday, cmyworth took down a 8,800-strong Sunday Million field for a whopping $213,316. Over $700,000 cash was up for grabs for the final nine. Eventually cmyworth’s KT triumphed over iggymcfly’s A2o to take down the title.
1st place: cmyworth ($213,136.00)
2nd place: iggymcfly ($143,440.00)
3rd place: davidb666 ($97,680.00)
4th place: pianospike ($79,200.00)
5th place: chkplz ($61,600.00)
6th place: softel ($44,000.00)
7th place: IZSHUA ($30,800.00)
8th place: CharismA3 ($20,240.00)
9th place: MONSTER_DONG ($12,320.00)

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