Isildur1 wins seven figures from durrrr

Isildur1 wins seven figures from durrrr

Monday, 9 November 2009

Isildur1 continued his epic upswing tearing through the bankrolls of high-stakes players as he played a huge heads-up PLO and NLHE session with Tom Dwan, earning over $1,220,000 throughout the course of the night.

Three of the biggest hands from this session topped $500,000 with the largest – a $574,000 monster – seeing durrrr get it in with a pair and flush draw on the turn against top set, failing to hit his seven outs and losing his $286,000 stack.

The session ended with both players – each apparently believing themselves to have a large edge against the other – making arrangements to play again:

Isildur1: ok im done i can hardly see my cards
durrrr: huh
durrrr: rly?
Isildur1: yes
durrrr: sweet
Isildur1: i play u every day
Isildur1: pls
durrrr: ok
Isildur1: im not running u
durrrr: lets play tomorrow
Isildur1: yupp
durrrr: will u quit
durrrr: if ur playing someone else
durrrr: to play me pls?
durrrr: u won 1.3m today
Isildur1: i will play till u quit
Isildur1: tomorrow
durrrr: ok

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