Isildur1 wins $800,000 from Cole South

Isildur1 wins $800,000 from Cole South

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Isildur1 seems to be enjoying an excellent run against Cole South, who is now nowhere near the $3.5m profit mark he had set at the beginning of this month. Last night, the Swede took on CardRunners instructor South and won almost $800,000 playing everything from $50/$100 to $300/$600 PLO.

Isildur1 caught cards and made well-timed moves to stay ahead throughout the session. South finally had enough after he had lost $785,000 after 2,393 hands.

Their largest pot came, unsurprisingly, at $300/$600. It was a simple raised pot but the Qs-Js-4h flop sparked an explosion of betting, swiftly building a six-figure pot. Isildur1 had Ah-Jh-4s-3s for two pair, a flush draw and a backdoor heart draw. However, South turned over Kh-Jc-Jd-8s for middle set, crushing his opponent.

Unfortunately for South the turn and the river were both non-pairing hearts, giving Isildur1 the nut flush and shipping him their largest pot.
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