Isildur1 wins $2.2m then loses big to durrrr

Isildur1 wins $2.2m then loses big to durrrr

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Isildur1 has had an amazing past 36 hours. He took on Cole South, winning $785,000, before making over half a million from Brian Hastings. South then fell victim to the Swedish player again, losing a further $465,000.

Then entered Dwan. Finally, durrrr managed to exact some major revenge on Isildur1 as he won almost a million dollars in less than a thousand hands of $300/$600 PLO. The newest Team Full Tilt pro didn’t even want to play at first but 921 hands across six tables later he found himself over $950,000 richer.

Their largest pot topped $300,000 and shows how badly Isildur1 was tilting midway through the match – not a good idea playing the “King of Online Poker” on his own turf.

Dwan raised with Kd-Js-Ts-7h, 4-bet Isildur1’s re-raise and saw a Ks-7c-4c flop. He bet $22,000 and then potted the Jd turn, calling Isildur1’s all-in. The Swede turned over Qh-Jh-Th-7d for middle two pair, crushed by Dwan’s hand and down to a few outs. The 3h river didn’t deliver and durrrr took a $302,390 pot.

After this epic six-tabling spar with Dwan Isildur1 was keen for more action. As we right he is taking on Justin Bonomo over several tables of $200/$400 NLHE.

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