Isildur1 spotted shortstacking $5/$10 NL

Isildur1 spotted shortstacking $5/$10 NL

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Well, it looks like it might be a while before Isildur1 is back on the nosebleed games after dropping down to NL1000 in order to clean out the last of his bankroll.

He was first spotted raising T9o on the button then calling a shortstack shove with his $300 stack, losing out to AK.

Isildur1: take my last $$
Isildur1: i dont want it
Isildur1: ::S:S

This implies that his account is down to just a few big blinds – for him a big blind is $1,000 but still – and he is getting rid of it by shortstacking and donking around at lower limits.

Rumours are flying that Tony G offered to stake him but even if this wasn’t true, surely Isildur1 has someone who can do it. If I had two or three million I’d stake him myself, on the condition that he played no PLO.

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