Isildur1 returns – wins $750,000 at nosebleed stakes

Isildur1 returns – wins $750,000 at nosebleed stakes

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Well, he won $51,000 the other day but evidently the Swede known only as Isildur1 has gotten fed up of not making six-figure impacts on the high stakes poker community. He took to the $200/$400 tables and won $732,000 – ZeeJustin took a hit of nearly half a million.

Isildur1 played sensibly and stuck to his strongest game – NL Hold ‘em. Playing with stacks of over 200BBs, Isildur1 3-bet ZeeJustin’s raise with Ks-Kh. Bonomo called and Isildur coolly bet $6,400 into the $9,600 pot as he flopped the nuts on a Kc-Qd-6d board.

Justin was in some serious trouble, however, as he held two pair with Qh-6h. He raised the flop bet to $15,600 and Isildur1 called to take the pot total to $40,800. He followed this up with a check-raise all-in after Bonomo’s $20,000 bet on a 8s turn. ZeeJustin called and saw he was drawing dead as the $170,000 pot went to Isildur1.

Last night Isildur1 played a session against durrrr – well, we say last night but at the time of writing they’re still playing.

Their largest pot thus far has been worth over a quarter of a million. Dwan called Isildur1’s 3-bet pre-flop and continuation bet $8,400 on a 9d-7c-2h board after the Swede checked. Isildur1 had QT86, all hearts, for a 13-way straight draw with redraws and a backdoor flush draw. The money went in on a 6c turn and Isildur1 showed the nut straight. His hand held to take the pot.

Watch the crazy action at Full Tilt Poker.

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