Isildur1 makes some small leeway, wins over $80,000

Isildur1 makes some small leeway, wins over $80,000

Thursday, 3 June 2010

After a fairly quiet May the high stakes poker railbird community is praying for at least some action during the WSOP. There’s hope – Isildur1 has returned to the tables with regularity and despite not playing any sort of dizzying stakes there are still six figures flying around.

He first took on Di “Urindanger” Dang at $50/$100 PLO and thrashed him for the better part of ten buy-ins before taking on David “raptor” Benefeld, who played a much longer and gruelling match that worked out roughly break even.
In total, Isildur1 won $81,000 but had he not been coolered significantly in the day’s largest pot this would have been a much different story. In Omaha it’s very difficult to be hugely dominated except in certain situations, and this was one of them.

The pot swelled to $80,300 on a 5c-2s-9c board. Isildur1 turned over Qc-8c-6x-4x for a flush draw and a double gutshot straight draw while Benefeld had him dominated in every sense – his AA49 had the nut flush draw and a lower gutshot to leave Isildur1 grasping at less than 30% equity. He couldn’t hit his outs and lost the day’s largest pot.

Watch the action live at Full Tilt Poker.

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