Isildur1 loses $600,000 to the CardRunners boys

Isildur1 loses $600,000 to the CardRunners boys

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Brian Hastings has lorded over the CardRunners “who can beat Isildur1 hardest?” pissing contest in grand style after his record-breaking $4.2m win over the Swede, but Brian Townsend and Cole South don’t give up so easily.

Isildur1 lost almost $600,000 playing a little under 6,000 hands this week, despite beating Brian Townsend out of over $300,000 at $300/$600 PLO. He lost a quarter of a million playing $100/$200 PLO and from then on his week went downhill.

Brian Townsend actually wound up the biggest winner of this time period, playing 3,500 hands or so and earning a tidy $387k. Cole South is right behind him with a total profit of $285k after 5700 hands. Brian Hastings made $87,000 which is a big step down from $4m but still enough for a nice new car.

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