Isildur1 loses $340k to Cole South in huge session.

Isildur1 loses $340k to Cole South in huge session.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Isildur1 has been attacking the high-stakes games at Full Tilt more and more frequently, suffering or enjoying huge swings into the red or black due to his highly aggressive game.

It seemed, however, that Cole “CTS” South had him all figured out by the end of their shockingly gargantuan 5,000-hand session at $200/$400 PLO that saw South win almost $350,000.

This equates to less than 0.2BB/100 hands, which seems low but is quite a decent winrate at these stakes where no one has a huge edge on anyone else. Unless it’s Ivey or durrrr who could find an edge on a sphere.

The largest pot was nearly $160,000 and saw Isildur1 unsurprisingly bluff off nearly 200BBs after South flopped a set on a Q93 rainbow board in a 3-bet pot. CTS rivered a full house only to be faced with a $51,000 bet that he insta-called, taking the largest pot of the night.

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