Isildur1 loses $220k to Sauce123 and gavz101 on PokerStars

Isildur1 loses $220k to Sauce123 and gavz101 on PokerStars

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Viktor Blom has had a solid May so far with over $550k won at the high stakes tables on PokerStars, mostly at the PLO games. That’s what we would have been writing had Isildur1 not taken on Sauce123 and gavz101 at the heads-up Omaha tables this weekend.

Blom began his Saturday session well with a solid $30k win in the 6-max Omaha games before moving on to the heads-up tables with limits of $25/$50 and $50/$100. He lost over $70k to Sauce123 but the bulk of his losses went to gavz101.

The two played several thousand hands of high stakes PLO but Blom was on the wrong end of the table and lost almost $190,000 to gavz101 throughout the course of the night. He is now up “only” $200k for May but that still makes him one of the biggest winners on PokerStars for the month.

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