Isildur1 loses $100,000 to jungleman12 in six-table match

Isildur1 loses $100,000 to jungleman12 in six-table match

Monday, 4 October 2010

Isildur1 managed to get some action going at $100/$200 yesterday when he took on Daniel “jungleman12” Cates over six tables; Cates emerged a $100,000 winner but there is still some revenge left to be had after the man many think to be Viktor Blom won half of Cates’s bankroll when they met this time last year.

Since then Cates has come back to establish himself as likely the best heads-up No Limit Hold ‘em player in the world with only a few to challenge that claim – one with a stake to that title is none other than Isildur1.

In their match on Saturday, Isildur1 claimed to be drunk after five beers and Cates drank one or two “to make it fair”. It didn’t seem to balance things up too much as after a session lasting around two hours Cates had taken $100,000 of Isildur1’s bankroll.

Their biggest pot illustrates how easily swings can come and go; the pot was naturally 3-bet pre-flop with Isildur1 just calling jungleman12’s re-raise. Cates then check-called all three streets of a Qs-2c-9c-8c-4d board when Isildur1 triple-barrelled with Ad-5c; Cates turned over 8-8 for the winning set.

The results of the match are very inconclusive – despite a $100,000 win for Cates, it came only after a session of 2,200 hands or so when Isildur1 had taken a $55,000 lead; lost it to be down $100,000; built up to another lead of $20,000 before winding up down $100,000 in total.

Hopefully the six figures don’t represent a huge portion of Isildur1’s bankroll and we can see the jungleman12 vs. Isildur1 rematch play out in full.

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