Isildur1 is back to losing ways

Isildur1 is back to losing ways

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The lesser spotted Isildur1 has made a return to the online action at Full Tilt, getting into some No Limit Hold'em and PLO action with the likes of Cole South, Observer 84 and Ziigmund.

Isildur1 played a total of 3,661 hands throughout a busy session starting by going on a $175k heater against Observer84. The pair played 1,000 hands of $100/$200 NLHE with the Swede boosting his bankroll by around nine buy ins.

Ziigmund was next in line for a session of $100/$200 and $200/$400 PLO. Isildur1 jumped into an early $275,000 lead but by the end of their session the Swede was back to around even for the day. The mystery Swede was keen to expand the action but Ziigmund had other ideas. An eagle eyed poster on 2+2 spotted this exchange from the chat box which explains exactly why.

Isildur1: can we do 4?
mattmcgeezy (Observer): lol
mattmcgeezy (Observer): mas tbls
Ziigmund: i dont want
Ziigmund: 3
Ziigmund: have to do something else too
Dealer: Hand #21611321030
Dealer: Isildur1 wins the pot ($200)
Isildur1: ok
Dealer: Hand #21611322984
Sugilith (Observer): lol
Dealer: Isildur1 wins the pot ($400)
Dealer: Hand #21611325595
McBen18 (Observer): LOL
Sugilith (Observer): what do you do zigi?
Ziigmund: facebook

Isildur1 finished his day with a 300 hand session with Cole South but probably wished that he hadn't bothered after dropping $147k to the American high stakes pro.

All in all then a typical day in the life of Isildur1. Massive swings, huge pots and action all the way. It's great to have him back!

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