Isildur1 has a crazy weekend at PokerStars

Isildur1 has a crazy weekend at PokerStars

Monday, 25 July 2011

Isildur1 kicked off his weekend at PokerStars just about as well as anyone can hope to. On Friday he played German PLO specialist “mTw-DaviN” at a few tables of $25/$50 heads-up, winning around $60,000 in less than three hours. That saw him take a short break (unheard of, we know) before taking on old nemesis Rui Cao aka PepperoniF.

The $50/$100 tables were their battleground and Blom promptly collected another six figures, putting him up $400,000 in a space of less than 48 hours with a third of that coming on Friday evening. Of course, this is Viktor Blom so his night was far from over. He then took to some $25/$50 6-max tables and lost to the tune of $170,000 before taking on Sauce123 across several $50/$100 tables and losing $150k in the last half hour of their three hour session, making Sauce123 Friday’s big winner.

Of course, Blom is not a man to give up easily – on Saturday he played practically all day, taking to the tables for 12 hours and 5,500 hands to net a profit of $330,000 against various opponents including Sauce123 (who dropped twice what he won from Blom the previous day). Yesterday, Blom returned to the tables and took on 1-ronnyr3 across the $50/$100 PLO tables to win around $100k. He then played some ring game PLO and doubled those profits, making him a near half-million dollar winner this weekend.

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