Isildur1 beats online qualifier by just $10 in SuperStar Showdown

Isildur1 beats online qualifier by just $10 in SuperStar Showdown

Monday, 28 February 2011

Well we weren’t expecting a tight-knit battle between great poker minds as PokerStars Pro Viktor “Isildur1” Blom took on Hungarian online qualifier DodgyFish72 in a SuperStar Showdown one-tenth the stakes. However, we did get a close and swingy match with the result being only one big blind either way.

DodgyFish72 did not back down in the wake of Blom’s aggressive play across the four tables of $5/$10 NL and was up $1.7k after less than 200 hands. By the time we were ten per cent in, Blom had re-taken the lead and we knew it was a bumpy ride ahead for the Hungarian.

Blom was dominating the match from then on and halfway to the end of the 2,500 hand challenge he held a $10,768 lead over DodgyFish72 – equivalent to more than $100,000 in the true SuperStar Showdowns. However, the qualifier fought back and had gotten to within $2,000 of even within a few hundred hands.

In the regular SuperStar Showdown, each player has $150,000 and 2,500 hands to come as close to doubling it as possible. In this, DodgyFish72 was freerolling on $15,000 so must have been ecstatic to see the negative profit figures approaching zero. In the final hand, DodgyFish72 was the big blind and Blom shoved for $1,500 to take down the pot and gain a tiny win from a potential draw. In Hungary, one player is $14,990 richer and can say he survived the Isildur1 freight train heads-up for 2,500 hands. That’s more than Tom Dwan can boast.

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