HSDB provide 2009 summaries for durrrr and Gus Hansen.

HSDB provide 2009 summaries for durrrr and Gus Hansen.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

2009 was certainly an eventful year for high stakes online poker – the rise and fall of Isildur1 being a notable point, with the durrrr challenge being another. Who are we kidding, it’s been all about Tom “durrrr” Dwan.

It’s fitting then that High Stakes Database have created a 2009 summary for the newest Full Tilt Pro. If anything they show that the boy is ready to go the long-term – an $8,000,0000 hit in a little over four weeks stings, but he dropped down in stakes and is rebuilding.

He lost $4m in a widely-reported downswing earlier in the year, often taking it back to almost even before being $3.3m in the red by May. From there, however, he went on a tear to win almost $6m in three months to be at his $2.5m peak during July.

He then broke even – give or take seven figures – before reaching $1m in October. Then Isildur1 came along and durrrr lost $8m. In December he has managed to recover almost $3m to take his year-end total to around -$5m.

Gus Hansen fared much the same but without Isildur1 as an excuse – he admitted he was playing badly and this shows. By the end of March this year he had won almost $6m before losing it, both literally and figuratively. He went on a constant downswing from there, finishing the year almost $6m down.

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