Gus Hansen wins over $200,000 at CAP PLO during the weekend

Gus Hansen wins over $200,000 at CAP PLO during the weekend

Monday, 6 December 2010

Since cadillac1944 dropped over three-quarters of a million the action at the high stakes uncapped PLO tables has calmed down but Gus Hansen took to the lower (well, relatively lower) stakes of $200/$400 CAP. He played over a thousand hands during the weekend and wound up a $207,000 winner.

This puts Hansen now down $1.55m for the year, up from the near $4m hole he found himself in at the beginning of October but a far cry from the $2.33m peak he achieved in early February. He’ll have to work harder than he did this weekend to make up ground for 2010. And 2009. And 2008...

Despite his losses, cadillac1944 was not completely absent from the tables – in fact, he took on both David “Raptor” Benefield and various other opponents at $300/$600 PLO but he lost almost $300,000, compounding his recent downswing.

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