Gus Hansen wins in the CAP games at Full Tilt

Gus Hansen wins in the CAP games at Full Tilt

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

In 2009, Gus Hansen got off to a roaring multi-million dollar start before hitting a huge downswing throughout the year. Admitting he played poorly, the Great Dane lost over $5.5m in 2009. His losses were matched only by Tom Dwan, and Gus didn’t have a multitude of huge aggressive heads-up battles with Isildur1.

This year seems to have almost gone the same way for Hansen. He was, a few weeks ago, one of the biggest 2010 winners in the nosebleed games with over $2,000,000 to his name. A few bad sessions later and he was only up by a few hundred thousand.

However, that total has been boosted to $630,000 after a nice run in the capped nosebleed games. Playing $200/$400 CAP PLO and HORSE, Hansen booked a nice $200,000 win.

Meanwhile, Isildur1 seems to be back on the upswing. For the third time he was beaten down from the $300/$600 and $500/$1,000 games but after a nice session against Cole South he is primed to jump in at the nosebleed tables once more.

Watch it happen at Full Tilt Poker.

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