Gus Hansen wins $500,000; loses $350,000 in two days

Gus Hansen wins $500,000; loses $350,000 in two days

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Gus Hansen is still on his way to erasing his $2.3m loss for 2010 before the new year but he had a setback after being up $1.4m; the CAP PLO game was not kind to him and he lost $366,000 to put him down to $1.1m up in the past seventeen days. Oh, is that all?

He preceded his disastrous CAP PLO session with another that went a lot better – he took on Di “Urindanger” Dang and took home over $450,000 to put him up to $1.4m since October 9. However, the very next day variance reared its ugly head and Hansen dropped $366,000.

Most of these losses went to DrugsOrMe who pocketed $212,000 of Hansen’s seemingly infinite bankroll; David Benefield got in on the action with a $100,000 win and URnotINdanger2 took home $50,000 or so.

However, Hansen did redeem himself with a $312,000 win in the $200/$400 PLO games though he followed with a $70,000 loss in the 7-game. This puts him as a $320,000 winner for the past two days though so he won’t be complaining too much.

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