Gus Hansen on fire; wins $300,000

Gus Hansen on fire; wins $300,000

Thursday, 6 May 2010

The start of Gus Hansen’s 2010 has been much better than his 2009. Well, he was up over $2m at one point but now he’s up $550,000 which is much better than his March status of down almost a million.

Since his high point in January he has been in a fairly steady decline but he has turned that around in the past 24 hours by winning over half a million dollars, primarily at the 7-game tables but also playing all sorts of PLO games. He even hit the $500/$1,000 PLO tables a little.

Unfortunately for the Scandinavians, Patrik Antonius took a bit of a plummet yesterday. The day after we reported he was back to even on Full Tilt, he lost $330,000. Ah well, anything less than $750,000 in the hole is pretty much even for these stakes.

Watch it live at Full Tilt Poker.

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