Gus Hansen nets nearly $400,000 at Full Tilt Poker

Gus Hansen nets nearly $400,000 at Full Tilt Poker

Monday, 1 February 2010

Gus Hansen was very active this weekend at Full Tilt Poker’s high stakes 7-Game tables, excelling at the Pot-Limit Omaha section, playing almost 2,000 hands and earning $383,959. He took six figures off such esteemed names as Phil Ivey, Cole“CTS” South and Brian Townsend, the latter of which donated the largest sum to the Danish treasury as he dropped $230,000.

Unsurprisingly PLO bought Hansen his largest pot. He called Ziigmund’s raise at $300/$600 PLO and then check-raised a 2h-9c-Ah flop. Ziigmund 3-bet to over $27,000 and Hansen called, leaving effective stacks a third the size of the pot.

Unsurprisingly it all went in on the Ts river to create a $127,000 pot. Ziigmund revealed Qh-Qs-Jh-Tc for a pair of queens, a flush draw and a relatively large straight draw. However, Hansen’s Ac-2s-3c-3d had Ziigmund beaten with two pair. He faded queens, kings, tens, eights and hearts to take the day’s largest pot.

Watch this crazy action as it happens at Full Tilt Poker.

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