Gus Hansen Turns Around, Wins $430k in PLO

Gus Hansen Turns Around, Wins $430k in PLO

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Pot-Limit Omaha experts say that if you’re going to play the game, you have to be prepared to lose four buy-ins in half an hour and not care. This certainly seems true for The Great Dane, who has made $428,000 - which goes a long way to filling in the $897,000 hole he has dug himself into this month.

One hand, played for a quarter-million pot against David Benyamine, showed the brutal variance in PLO quite nicely. The two each put $18,800 in pre-flop before seeing a Td-6h-9d flop.

Benyamine and Hansen each put in their remaining $100,000 – Hansen had 9c-6s-4c-7d for two pair against the Frenchman’s Kh-Kc-Jc-8h. Although Hansen looks to be miles ahead, any K, Q, T, 7 or running hearts would have shipped Benyamine the pot. Eventually he dodged those outs to take a $240,000 pot.

Gus lost some in the mixed games, so his total profit for yesterday came down to $376k. howisitfeelike had a terrible day yesterday, losing almost $1 million, half in PLO and half in mixed games.

David Benyamine’s huge PLO heater that saw him net almost $1.2m earlier in the week ended, leaving him a losing player at the PLO tables. However, he did well enough in the mixed games to break even.

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